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What does United Way do?
United Way of Whiteside County is committed to improving lives and strengthening our communities.  We serve as a resource connecting people to services and programs they need and through a yearly allocation process, we ensure that your donated dollars are spent on programs that are a high priority issue in our county.

Who do you fund?
United Way of Whiteside County funds 24 agencies with over 35 health and human services programs. 

How does United Way make a difference?
United Way works with community leaders to identify the root causes of our communities’ high priority issues.  Agencies and community volunteers work together to achieve results that matter.

What are your overhead costs?
United Way is committed to keeping overhead costs low so that your donated dollars can make a difference in Whiteside County.  In 2019 operational and administrative expenses held steady at 30 percent. 

Does United Way give money to church affiliated agencies?
United Way does not fund any religious activities but does fund health and human services programs within church affiliated agencies.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
If your personal donation is over $250 you will receive a tax receipt at the end of January.  If your donation comes through payroll deduction we cannot issue a receipt because payments from the employer are not broken down by individual donor amounts.